PHREA Writing

Originally, the concept….This is what happens when you write without thinking….

June 21, 2012 — This wasn’t a write don’t think necessarily, but I’ve been working on this for months now. I just want to share a little bit. It’s not really final, but it’s near.


The fairy tale is written
It’s up to you to make those dreams come true
Essence of time
The rhythm and rhyme
As we encounter with this test of time
Patience is a virtue
True indeed
I just hope that one day you’ll see
That I’ve given and all I’ve taken
It’s okay bcuz its our future we’re making
I never understood how someone could love you so much yet not show it
You give, give and he take, take
Did u win? No, not really
Those late nights of worrying
And early mornings of fussing were never considered a win-win situation
Although the constant frustrations and dissetatations are encompassed on a near weekly basis
At this point I don’t know what we are to each other
My man. My boyfriend. My lover.
You’ve given me so many years to learn what I truly wanted and needed
During that time, I only thought it could be you
But you quickly shown me your selfish way
And what I thought was real was more like a secret fantasy
I gave you my heart so many times
Instead of taking it and holding on to it,
You shoved it at the bottom of the pudding cup
Where you’d play with it from time to time
I believed in everything you are and wanted to be
However, it’s time to face facts that you never really belonged to me
Your heart was always somewhere else
I was just too blind in this love affair to see
That the love you wanted was never from me

May 11, 2012
Write, don’t think
That seems easy enough
So I’m giving myself one minute to write down my random thoughts to share with the masses.
Isn’t this funny!
One minute to share the little rambles of ideas or crazy Starkey mechanisms that wonder through this 27 year old mind of mine.
Oh okay, I got less than 30 seconds left before I drop my pen,
but I hope you enjoy this write don’t think exercise.

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