About Starkey


Welcome to Always PHREA where young minority leaders discover endless possibilities! I’m sure you have read about the origin of my phenomenal creation, but if you haven’t, please take a few moments to do so.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Crystal Starkes. I’m affectionately called Starkey! I’m a writer, blogger and PHREAdom Leader.

I am accustomed to wearing multiple hats in order to fulfill my purpose of making a difference in individuals’ lives through my words. During the day time, I work for a large youth organization as a program assistant developing youth programs and maintaining volunteers. Once the clock strikes five and I close my office door for the day, I am writing blog posts, articles, press releases, or my first novella.

I received my bachelors of arts degree in mass communication with a journalism concentration from Winthrop University. Despite my undergrad woes, I took two years from really writing for anyone. It all changed when I started freelancing for my sorority’s publication, The Aurora. I fell back in love with writing all over again. I knew I wanted to do it one a more consistent basis so I opted for blogging. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do it without my support system of coaches, sorority sisters and friends who believed in my craft and purpose even when I was lost.

Always PHREA is an opportunity for young leaders to find that possibility of life, career and purpose and just go for it. I want you to reach for the stars, bee PHREA, and discover endless possibilities. Don’t be a stranger! Join in on the fun and subscribe for the latest information about Always PHREA and Starkey!

To view some of my articles and clips, check it out here.

2 thoughts on “About Starkey

  1. Hello Beautiful Soul –

    I have been admiring your blog and reading it and feel the love, compassion and sincerity! It is wonderful!

    I would like to recognize you for the Liebster Award and hope you will accept.

    You ROCK!

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