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#MindRightMonday: Week 3

It’s another week of #MindRightMonday! Just in case you missed the details about it, three weeks ago I joined in on my first official link up hosted by three of my BLM Girls – Darrica from Dear DarricaDani from Ok, Dani and Danielle from Mamademics. For the past two weeks, I’ve been uber busy with work and life. I went out of town over the weekend for my Torch Classmate’s engagement party, which was lovely might I add, but I wasn’t thinking about my blog or Daily Navigation. However, I did manage to accomplish some goals from my past week.

Last week’s goals are:

  • Designate time for Crystal – I definitely did this probably more than I needed to.
  • Wake up an hour earlier to eat breakfast, pray and read before getting ready for work – Moving on to the next.
  • Write in my grateful journal at least 2 a week – I wrote in my grateful journal once last week.
  • Write 3 blog posts – I managed to blog only twice, but it’s okay.
  • Finish Chapter 10 & Start Chapter 11 (I’m so close. I can smell it!) – YAY!!! I’ve finished Chapter 10, but I will be starting Chapter 11 TONIGHT!
  • Begin reading Rainbow in the Cloud by Maya Angelou – Yikes, I still haven’t started reading it.
  • Plan social media posts for Always PHREA – I did schedule a few posts this past week.
  • Schedule interview with potential PHREAdom Leader – I’ll focus on my PHREAdom Leaders again next month. Have you missed it?
  • Drink more water – I did manage to drink more water this past week.

 This week’s goals are:

  • Successfully host awards program at work
  • Wake up at least 30 minutes earlier to each breakfast, pray and read/write before getting ready for work
  • Write in my grateful journal once
  • Write 3 2 blog posts
  • Start Chapter 11
  • Plan/Schedule social media posts for Always PHREA
  • Drink more water

 What I’m grateful for:

  • Life
  • God
  • Family
  • TWH
  • Seven Degrees of Sigma
  • BLM Girls
  • Friends
  • My Career
  • Supporters
  • Mentors

What are your goals for the week?

10 thoughts on “#MindRightMonday: Week 3

  1. Great job on getting many of your goals completed last week. A few of my goals for this week is update content on my site, complete flier for my next event and work on content for group coaching program. I’m grateful for BLMgirls too! I’ve connected with so many amazing women. The support is awesome! 🙂

    • BLM girls are so supportive! Thank you for the support! I have noticed the various events that you host in your hometown. They seem to be informative and well received. Good luck!

  2. Hey fellow BLM girl! Good for you to keep a list and challenge yourself to complete! I am also trying to be a week ahead in scheduling posts and drink more water and I am sooooo grateful for friends and family!

    • Thanks! I am truly thankful for MRM because it holds me accountable every week. I didn’t realize how important self-care was until I realized that I was missing it.

  3. Visiting from the #RightMindMondays. You did great with last weeks goals and I’m sure you’ll do well this week. I may steal the idea to wake up earlier, eat, pray and i’ll probably add meditation. Have a great week!

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