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30 Acts of Starkey: How I’m celebrating my 30th birthday


In 53 days, I will celebrate my 30th birthday. The idea of turning 30 can bring many emotions to an individual. Some people become depressed about not reaching their goals. While others would prefer to party like it’s 1999. So I have been deciding on my plans to commemorate this milestone in my life. However, I must admit that it is a bit difficult because I don’t turn up like I used to, and I celebrated my past nine birthdays in some pretty big ways. For my 30th birthday, I knew that wanted to do something different. Last night, I thought and researched different ideas. I found the luxurious trips, new hairdo, skydive and many others. Then EUREKA, I found it!



I love the idea of showing compassion, giving, and making a difference in the community. I recently joined this group of 1000 writers and bloggers on Facebook called 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion who are joining forces to write and voice our opinions about the different forms of compassion. This is a powerful, international movement, and on February 20 you will be able to see the impact this movement will be to the entire world. By the way, we are still looking for more writers. If you are interested in participating with the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion, join the Facebook group. Compassion, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a feeling of wanting to help someone.” I figured that I could tie in my 30th birthday and the 1000 Voices together.

Are you ready to find out how I will be celebrating my 30th birthday? I will celebrate my 30th birthday until my actual birthday by doing random acts of kindness. On February 15, the #30ActsofStarkey will begin. Every day, I do an act of kindness with compassion to random people, my family and friends, and others. You never know who will be blessed by the #30ActsofStarkey. As the date moves closer, I will share with you all a list of random act prompts. I have friends and family all over so anyone can participate in my #30ActsofStarkey to help me celebrate my birthday.

I will keep you all updated on my progress. If you are interested in joining the #30ActsofStarkey, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view how I demonstrate my acts of kindness.

How are you spending your next birthday?

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