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PHREAdom Leader: Hydeia Broadbent continues to educate about HIV/AIDS

Photo Courtesy of Hydeia Broadbent

Photo Courtesy of Hydeia Broadbent

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “In 2012, the estimated number of diagnoses of HIV infection in the United States was 47,989. There were 38,160 diagnoses in adult and adolescent males and 9,586 in adult and adolescent females. There were an estimated 242 diagnoses of HIV infection among children aged less than 13 years at diagnosis” (

This Monday was World AIDS Day, and millions united in the battle against HIV/AIDS through social media updates, getting tested, or hosting an event. HIV/AIDS Activist and Humanitarian Hydeia Broadbent served as a guest speaker at the University of Central Arkansas. If you are unfamiliar with her, then you are truly missing out on knowing an inspiring young woman.

Hydeia was abandoned at birth, but was soon adopted by the Broadbents. Born with the disease, she was not diagnosed as HIV positive until the age of three. She spent a great deal in and out of the hospitals being tested and examined with other first generation children born with HIV.

In 1991, she pulled television viewers’ heart strings sitting alongside Earvin “Magic” Johnson during a Nickelodeon special where she cried because she just wanted people to understand that they were still regular people. In that moment, she became dubbed as the little girl with AIDS.

More than 20 years later, young woman continues to advocate and educate people about HIV/AIDS as she did on World AIDS Day.

This year, she was also recognized as the newest brand ambassador for Ampro® Industries, Inc. which is a personal and hair care line after a nomination by one of her sorority sisters because of her positive image.She is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

The purpose is “to show Ampro consumers the positive life one can live with HIV/AIDS, how one can protect him/herself from contracting the virus and what they can do to help find a cure” ( In order to help support the effort, supporters can visit and use the promo code “Hydeia” to make a donation on her behalf.

Three Passions: Family, Projects and Community

“I’m passionate about my family, my projects, and my community,” the Las Vegas, Nevada native said.

At the age of 30, Broadent is working on many different projects. She has a blog called “Just Deia” where she freely shares her thoughts and opinions about different issues and personal experiences.

“I can’t always fill my Facebook page up (with my thoughts),” she said.

Broadbent explained she was currently developing projects which include creating an awareness campaign, documentary, and memoir just to name a few.

“I’m currently pitching to different publishers for a book deal,” she said.

The memoir, in which she hopes to be published by June, focus on her experience as a first generation of children born with HIV and celebrity activist, she explained.

It is a coming of age perspective of different trials she overcame, Broadbent added.

Hope for Peace

Peace can seem like a cliché idea, but it is her hope because she believes that peace will generate happiness.

She ultimately wants people to be happy, she said. “I hope for more jobs and better income.”

Respect is gained by Example

“Respect is not taught in the inner city,” she said.

In order to educate younger people about respect, one should be the example, she explained.

Empowered by her Family

Broadbent is empowered to make a difference and support her family.

Her family is important to her. They are the key factors of her passion, empowerment, and ambition.

Ambitious for Positive Influence

She is ambitious about her family as well as seeing positive influence in the world and society.

If you are interested in learning more about Broadbent, check out her Web site at

Follow Hydeia:

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Youtube – Hydeia Online

9 thoughts on “PHREAdom Leader: Hydeia Broadbent continues to educate about HIV/AIDS

  1. Very nice to hear more about her. I’m so happy to see her. I remember her wanting to get married at 9 or something because she thought she’d never grow up.

  2. OMG! She has grew up right before my eyes. I was just watching a clip from an award shaw when Lauryn Hill told her in her speech to be strong. Hydeia has grown up to be a beautiful young lady and it’s wonderful to read that she’s an ambassador for getting the word out about HIVAIDS.

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