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7 Reasons why I love Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

On November 5, 2005, I joined the best sorority ever! I remember when I started seeking interest in the sorority getting questions from other Greeks about my decision. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. wasn’t a popular sorority in my area, but I loved everything that it stood for and then some. Today is one of my main reasons why I love this sorority! It’s November 12, in which to non-Greeks mean our Founder’s Day! That’s right, we are celebrating 92 years of Sisterhood, Scholarship and Service! In honor of this great day, I’ve decided to share with you all my 7 (you will find out why I chose this number in my post) reasons why I love Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

#7 – My Seven Illustrious Founders

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated was organized on November 12, 1922 on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana by seven school teachers: Mrs. Mary Lou Gardner Litter, Mrs. Dorothy Hanley Whiteside, Mrs. Vivian White Marbury, Mrs. Nannie Mae Gahn Johnson, Mrs. Hattie Mae Annette Dulin Redford, Mrs. Bessie Mae Downey Rhoades Martin, and Miss Cubena McClure. These ladies paved the way during a time when racism and adversities was prevalent especially on an all-white campus, but they didn’t let those circumstances stop them. As a youth educator, I love these ladies so much more!

 #6 – The Legendary Lambda Kappa

First Chapter Picture

First Chapter Picture

In 2004, I met some members of Lambda Kappa at a social event. They were so nice and had a very welcoming personality. This was when I realized completely that Sigma Gamma Rho was for me. I joined the following year, and I haven’t regretted it. In the past 9 years, I’ve met many sorors who all shared the same love for Sigma Gamma Rho and Lambda Kappa. The Legendary Lambda Kappa groomed me into the woman that I am today. I am more confident, purpose-driven, and hardworking because of my experience. I am forever grateful to this chapter!

 #5 – Self-Explanatory


I love the number 5! I’ve met some great women from my undergraduate chapter and beyond who share the similar interest.

#4 – The Network

My Soror Hydeia Broadbent and I

My Soror Hydeia Broadbent and I

Most people are always looking for that buy in when making an important decision. Of course, I did the same when I chose to join this great sorority. I learned quickly in college about the importance of networking especially since I was a journalism major. I saw the sorority not only as an opportunity to build lasting friendships with great women, but also to increase my network. The members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. have different specialties. I’m thankful to have been able to utilize my specialty to increase my network through my writing in the organization’s magazines and assisting with the public relations committee for the region. I have been able to network with so many people from notable members like Hydeia Broadbent to interviewing Talia Mark, who was then the Marketing Manager for U.S. Swimming, which established our new Swim 1922 initiative.

#3 – Greater Service, Greater Progress

I used to volunteer while in college, but it wasn’t until I joined Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. that I started serving the community more often. For instance, I was the chauffeur at Winthrop University for one of my sorors. She wanted to develop a partnership with an organization down the road from campus called the Teen Health Center. I met the then-executive director and started volunteering for the organization. I fell in love with the service of designing newsletter and assisting with program ideas, but also the organization itself. My introduction to the Teen Health Center wouldn’t have happened without Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. which also ties into my current professional full-time career. I still volunteer on a normal basis for different groups and organizations because without service, there is no progress.

#2 – Sisterhood

You can’t spell SISTERHOOD without the RHO! I’ve met great women who not only became my friends or sorority sisters, but my actual sisters!

#1 – My Torch Class Mates are Awesome!

7 Degrees of Sigma

7 Degrees of Sigma

I love these chicks! I could go on and on about how great these women are, but you already know based on my post two years ago about Jessica’s baby shower. I am very proud of them. We have an entire repertoire of accolades on our belts collectively.

Happy Founder’s Day Sorors!


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons why I love Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

  1. Starky,

    ALL SEVEN OF THOSE REASONS ARE WHY I LOVE SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY INC TOO! Not one day goes by and i regret my decision. This sorority and the ladies i have encountered because of it is what keeps my love growing everyday. Thanks for the post!


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