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Giving Up to Give In: A Re-Direction on the Right Course

“You have to understand that when things go wrong in your life, it doesn’t mean you need to quit. It means you need to get stronger and change your plan. You have to fight for your dreams…”
KeKe Palmer, in an interview with Ebony Magazine

Did you miss me? I’ve been on an unofficial hiatus from Always PHREA for TWO months! TWO WHOLE MONTHS! I was so lost with everything surrounding me from work to life that I forgot about my main escape that keeps me sane. Writing has always a passion of mine. I smile when I crack open my journal or open a new document because at that moment, nothing else matters, but the pen or keys and that blank page waiting to be filled.

However, I missed my goal of finishing my first novel by September, and it low-key crushed me. I was stuck on Chapter 8 for two or three months. My friends and family would always ask the progress of Daily Navigation because they believed in me at times more than I believed in myself. I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself.

And then, something great happened. I was asked to write for the Endless Dreams Foundation, Inc.’s What is Beauty Campaign. I was elated because the founder of the organization Brittany Yates was one of my first “real” PHREAdom Leaders featured on Always PHREA, “real” meaning outside of my direct circle of friends. We have grown from interviewee to interviewer to someone that I can connect with professionally. Sunday night, I started debating about what I would actually write about based on the options, which were women in business, motivation, empowerment, and what the word beauty meant to me. The only thing that kept coming to my mind and heart was women empowerment especially since it is part of PHREA. I was reminded of the women who just got back from the women’s retreat at my church encircled together praying for one of the ladies in the group, and the last bible study lesson from the Ladies of Virtue group on the circle of sisters. In that moment, it all clicked. My fingers were moving from home row to the individual keys punching in words to create this article for this great cause to empower women to “feel beautiful in all they do.”

As soon as I read over the article and submitted it, I opened Chapter 8 and finally wrapped it up! I was so excited because there I was near giving up, but I gave into writing an article, which drove me to work on my own piece. Now, I’m writing my first blog post in two months, and getting ready to start Chapter 9! Luckily, this month is one of my favorite months because not only is it my 9th Sigmaversary, but also it’s National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Writing Month or for short – NaNoWriMo and NaBloWriMo! NaNoWriMo and NaBloWriMo was created for writers to either A- write 50,000 words towards a novel or B- blog daily! Everything fell back into place at the perfect time! That was God! Even though, things weren’t going the way I wanted them to, I needed to keep going to see the brighter side of the rainbow. I had to change my course a little, but I’m back. Great things are coming my way! Hopefully you all will continue to join me on this ride!

Always Being PHREA,


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