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Have you heard the good news! It’s the Ides!

Happy Birthday Starkey!

Happy Birthday Starkey!

Have you heard, it’s the Ides of March? The Ides of March and no I’m not referring to the death of Julius Caesar, but rather the celebration of my 29th birthday! The Ides of March is the day that I was born to Anna B. and Daniel. The Ides of March meaning the day that I reflect on all that I ha

ve accomplished and things that are still on my vision board.

This year’s birthday, I decided to do things a little different. I wanted to focus on the things that bring joy to my life-writing and serving the community. This memorable day is the perfect opportunity.

Opportunities happen all of the time. It can be a possibility to work on a project or to meet the next big thing. The beauty about it is the fact that they happen all of the time. For instance, I had a vision of creating a group for writers to congregate together to fellowship and write. I talked about for months, but no action. However, after my original birthday plans changed, I chose to actually implement it. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. My fellow Winthrop writing buddies are together typing on the keys and touching the screens making magic happen with words. Now this is an unbelievable opportunity because I haven’t seen some of these ladies in years, but our interest and purpose in writing brought us back together. Opportunities occur just that simple and easily! It doesn’t take a lot of effort because it just happens.

I also decided to give my time to the community in one way or another. My sorority hosted our annual youth symposium this morning. We had youth from different walks of life learning great information and participating in hands-on activities. I also requested handbags and unused toiletry donations for Endless Dreams Foundation’s DreamHER Campaign. This is a memorable and meaningful day! I am so thankful for everyone who took part in making it a great day!

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