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Starkey’s Guide to an Awesome Homecoming Weekend

2011 Winthrop Homecoming

2011 Winthrop Homecoming

As I see my fellow Winthrop University alum post pictures from past homecomings and college experience for #TBT, I decided to share with you all my guide to an awesome homecoming weekend experience. For the most part, I will reference Winthrop University, but most universities and colleges have similar events to take part in during their homecoming as well.

 Alumni Social Media Frenzy

Utilize such trending days like #tbt to share memories of your friends and moments while in college. It will not only bring back (hopefully) great memories, but make the anticipation of homecoming weekend so much better.Hashtags are awesome! Why don’t you and your friends create a hash tag specifically for ya’ll homecoming experience? It creates more memories and you can view at anytime simply by typing the hashtag. The majority of us are using social media every day even if it’s just viewing a timeline for updates. So why not create a hash tag of your homecoming experience? Check out Winthrop Homecoming hashtag this weekend is #wuhomecoming13.


One of the main purposes of homecoming is to network and fellowship with alums. If you were involved in a student organization or group, this would be a great time to connect with those individuals especially if you are searching for job, new opportunity, or just simply to reminiscence about college life. For instance, there is a Winthrop Alumni Charity Golf Tournament taking place Saturday. They will have a meet and greet beginning at 9 a.m. hosted byAssets Inventory in support of Alzheimer’s Association. This is the perfect opportunity to network and golf before the parties and tailgating begins for a good cause. Bring your business cards and get to networking!


I can truly say that I didn’t appreciate tailgating until I graduated from college, but personally it’s the best part of the homecoming weekend experience. This is no different for Historically Black Colleges and Universities orPredominately White Institutions. There are vendors, food, alumni, current students, and visitors. We play corn hole. We share a few laughs. We take tons of pictures and hashtag. We can gather around to hear the cypher featuring Winthrop’s illest lyricists.
Attend a Game or Two
What’s homecoming without going to the game? The homecoming queen and king are crowned during half-time. You are able to support your alma mater in a hopeful win against their opposing teams.

Take a tour of the campus and purchase some alumni paraphernalia

Homecoming is the best time to take a tour of the campus. Take a look at the new updates and building plans in the upcoming years. This is also a great opportunity to buy some gear. The book store may have discounts during homecoming weekend for items.

Shake a leg or two

After all of the tailgating, networking, and attending games, it’s a great time to buy a nice homecoming outfit and party with your fellow alum. There are so many different parties going on during homecoming weekend beginning Friday night. You are guaranteed to have a great time especially if you party with a group of your friends from college.
Here’s Winthrop University’s run down of parties that I am aware of:
Friday Night
Back to the Future: Winthrop University Black Alumni “Ol’ Skool” Homecoming Party which is also the official after party for the Melanie Fiona, Silk, and J-Holiday Concert
Saturday Night
I’ve shared my insight to an awesome homecoming weekend. Now I want to hear from you.
What are some must have moments for homecoming this year?

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