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Pinterest Makes a Dream Come True

Pinterest truly does help make dreams and wishes a reality. Just by simply creating a themed board makes it easy for individuals to find what they need to make moments in life magical and inspirational. Highlighting those magical moments worked for Ryan Leak and his then-girlfriend Amanda Roman on June 7, 2013.

This past September, Leak posted a YouTube video called “The Surprise Wedding” where he took pieces from his girlfriend’s “My Dream Wedding” board to plan their auspicious occasion. Leak’s mission was three major things that rainy Saturday in Miami, Fla.: 1) to share his love for Roman, 2) to propose to her and 3) to marry Roman. Leak explained that he heard his girlfriend share that she would like to get engaged and married all in the same day.

Starkey's Pinterest Board

Starkey’s Pinterest Board

“We had all types of things planned, but plans change,” Leak said. “We are adaptable.”Once Leak was convinced he wanted to marry Roman, he went to the social media site for ideas and clues. Roman had no idea of anything. Despite Leak’s strategic and detailed plans of how the day was going to go, the weather interfered and rerouted the schedule of events that Saturday.

Surrounded by nearly 100 close friends and family, it all came together in the end. “We know why we work. It’s not because we share the same moral values,” Leak said. “What makes us tick, what makes us go is Jesus Christ.”

They wanted their guests to also share in the presence of God.

After five years of dating, Leak confessed his love for Roman, asked her to marry him, and made her his wife in one day. Yes, it was all in one day just like Roman dreamed it’d be. We congratulate them on their union!

That’s some fairy tale story. Now who says fairy tales never happen? Ladies, you better get your Pinterest board building because you never know if your beau is secretly planning your wedding.


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