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PHREAdom Leaders: Brittany Yates, Executive Director & Founder of Endless Dreams Foundation

Brittany Yates, Executive Director & Founder of Endless Dreams Foundation
Brittany Yates always wanted to start her own non-profit organization. Yates accomplished that goal in 2011, when she officially incorporated Endless Dreams Foundation while working on her Bachelor’s degree from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C.
“It was just in me,” the young entrepreneur said. “I love helping people.”
She is able to do so through Endless Dreams Foundation.
Endless Dreams Foundation’s mission is “to encourage the youth to set, pursue, and complete their goals.” The organization incorporates this mission by offering programs and services including mentoring, tutoring, and various workshops to help build a lasting relationship within the community.
The youth organization is based in both Charlotte and Washington, D.C. Yates lives in Washington, D.C. where she works full-time in the finance department at the Children’s National Medical Center. However, she travels often to Charlotte, N.C. She has a full team of interns, board of directors, and committee members who help with the operation of the organization.
Endless Dreams Foundation will expand its Academic Dreams program by the end of the year. The Academic Dreams will kick off in the Charlotte area to offer college tours, mentoring and tutoring year round, and parent workshops to help educate them about FAFSA and scholarships for their future college student. It will eventually expand to the Washington, D.C. area. However, both areas are currently looking for volunteers to serve as mentors and tutors.
What is Beauty
This past summer, Girl You Crazy and Endless Dreams Foundation teamed up to host the What is Beauty Campaign. The campaign featured a two month long discussion on discovering the true meaning and essence of beauty.
Yates said she started looking at statistics and realized that only one in every two girls felt like they were beautiful.
It was established to focus on self-esteem and build women empowerment as a unit and sisterhood.
During the campaign, the two organizations hosted a Women’s Empowerment Brunch which brought all women together to discuss beauty and self-esteem.
“Everyone’s definition of beauty was different,” Yates said. “It was good to see the different views.”
The Value of Time
The 23-year-old has a busy schedule, but her motto is that “everything can be done” with time management. Between Endless Dreams and working full-time, Yates is also working on her Master’s in Business Administration from Trinity College to become a well-rounded business woman. She blocks off time in her schedule to make sure she is able to accomplish everything she needs to do on a daily basis including her social life.
Passion to Serve
Yates is passionate about serving in different aspects of life. She loves serving her community and helping people out in general. She explained that if she meets someone or one of her friends are working on a new venture or project, she is always willing to lend a hand.
“I always want to help,” she insisted.
Hope to Inspire
The business woman hopes to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs by reading her story as an entrepreneur, leader and Endless Dreams.
She wants them to realize that they can do the same thing, she said. “I want to change the lives of others.”
Respect in the Non-Profit
For anyone familiar with non-profit organization, they receive the majority of their funding through donations, sponsors, and mostly grants. However, Yates explained for non-profits you have to earn respect from the community in order to secure any funding especially grants.

“You have to prove yourself,” Yates said. “Nobody will give you money if they don’t know you or respect you.”

Most people are aware of the larger names like United Way and the American Red Cross versus smaller non-profits, she said.
Endless Dreams works to build respect by consistently reaching out to the community and schools. They are making their presence known in both the Charlotte and Washington, D.C. areas.
Empowered to Do More
“When I get to see other people succeeding, it empowers me to do more,” Yates said. The success of the others instills a self-empowerment for her to keep pushing and keep doing more.
One of her friends is a journalist, it empowered her to consider the idea of writing as well, she explained. Although her schedule is quite busy, she doesn’t feel like she is doing as much. She feels like she can always do more.
Ambition to Fulfill Goals and Dreams
Endless Dreams Foundation focus on helping the youth achieve their goals, therefore, it is quite fitting for the executive director to have similar ambitions. While Yates is ambitious about the community and helping people especially those who want to help themselves, setting and achieving goals and dreams are just as important.
Yates’ vision board sits above her desk at work so that she is able to look at the goals and vision as well as look at what she already accomplished.
The vision board has two sides, she said. Goals and vision on one side, and what was accomplished on the other side.
“I work towards it every day,” Yates said.
She always leaves room for another venture to add onto her vision board.
“I wasn’t planning on getting my MBA,” she explained, but she added it to her board once the decision was made.
Yates is a true definition of an entrepreneur. She takes risks. She sets goals and work towards achieving everything she wants to do.
For more information about Endless Dreams Foundation, you can visit their Web site here, follow them on Instagram at Endless Dreams Foundation or Twitter at @NoEnd2Dreaming, and like them on Facebook here.

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