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Just Say No (At Least for Right Now)

teamnobabies It’s safe to say that last week was the best form of birth control ever. I’m not having baby fever today, but it definitely served as reassurance that I’m not ready for any kids just yet.
I am a single 28 year old living on my own. My daily habits are established. I wake up around 10 a.m. Spend 15 to 30 minutes (an hour really) getting all the latest news via social media. Prepare and cook dinner. Get ready for work. Leave out the house in enough to make it to work by 2 p.m. I get home from work and check my emails and do homework. Pray. Turn out the lights. Good Night.
However, last week I agreed to let my niece and nephews stay with me for the week, and it was an interesting adventure. I felt like Insta-Mom- you know the woman who closed her eyes and poof there are four kids looking at you. All you can think is where did they come from? That was me last week. I picked them up Sunday night and instantly my role changed from the auntie who only sees them when I’m visiting Summerville to Insta-Mom (even if it was for only six days).
I was in for an awakening. I quickly had to adjust to cooking breakfast and dinner, grocery shopping for multiple people, finding activities, and nurturing them. I woke up around 8 a.m. to cook breakfast even though they probably stayed up well past 2 a.m. I fed them and assigned little chores to keep them busy. I got to work late twice the first two days. I almost turned around in mid-transit to work because my nephew couldn’t turn off the stove. I walked in the door after work and was welcomed to 50 million Auntie Crystal’s questions and information about their day. I have watched them before, but never with my oldest nephews watching the younger two while I was at work. I texted and called frequently to make sure my place wasn’t on fire or nobody was hurt. Honestly, by Friday I thought I had it together until I walked through the door when I got off and my niece gave me a noise complaint from my apartment complex. What in the world?! So I need to make sure they are quiet as well because I do not want to disturb by neighbors. Kids play. Kids make noise. They definitely weren’t used to worrying about neighbors complaining because the closest neighbor is my uncle who lives next door from their house. At that moment, I was ready to ship them back to Summerville and quick.
The week with my niece and nephews weren’t all bad. I love them dearly, and we did have some great times. We talked about school. We laughed at their mom, my little brother and I old school pictures in my yearbooks. We went to the library to check out some books and movies. We even saw Smurfs 2, which was hilarious by the way.
Overall, I won’t say this past week they drove me insane, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for this type of experience. But then again, are parents ever prepared for parenting? Oftentimes, new parents have this perceived notion of what it will be like raising a child, but it may not turn out that way. There is no instruction manual for raising children although we may want one. I definitely question if parenting was really like this or was I just spazzing out for no reason?
I thought parenthood consisted of feeding the kids, loving them, nurturing them, making sure they are bathed and in bed in a timely manner, getting them dressed and finding some form of entertainment for them. It was so much more. It was establishing order in hopes they will actually listen and understanding flexibility because although you planned it doesn’t mean it will happen that way all while making sure they were taken care of in all aspects.
I must say after this experience, I truly do have a new respect for parents especially single parents. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like doing this on a daily basis (at least not yet). My misconceptions of parenthood quickly changed this past week. I was thrilled to drop them off, but I do miss them a little bit. I’ll travel down soon to see them for a quick dosage, but leave them there this time.

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