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Lessons from Being Mary Jane

“Take a look at my life and see what I see…”
Mary J Blige’s “My Life” was a great opener to Being Mary Jane, which aired last night on BET. The one and a half hour premiere captured the life of Mary Jane Paul, a raving news anchor, and her life as a single black female.
The movie explained that 42% of black women never get married. 42% is nearly half. As a 28-year-old unmarried educated black woman that statistic struck a nerve. It was a sharp one to be honest. I saw myself in some of her situations.
Yes, more black women are focusing on their careers and education before working on their relationships to build a marriage and family, but it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. For the most part everyone wants some form of companionship without admitting it. It’s human nature. Mary Jane wanted the approval of her family and friends as well as the comfort of lying next to somebody at night.
Mary Jane was hopeful thinking homedude really loved her. He loved her enough to sleep with her and let her cater to him while he threw up in her tub. She felt betrayed and hurt hence the “ho-bath.” Yeah, he became “that dude” who instantly became Never Answer #2 in her cell phone.
Mary Jane fought to get her spot on the show, and she was willing to get what she wanted even if it meant stealing sperm and storing it in a baking soda container.
Being Mary Jane wasn’t every black woman’s story, but I’m sure it made some of us think about some situations we experienced in our lives. I definitely learn some valuable lessons from watching Being Mary Jane.
Lesson #1: Although your makeup is flawless, doesn’t mean you are. The outside can portray this well put together person, but inside you are still human with a load of dirty laundry needing to be cleaned. There is no feeling like being free!
Lesson 2#: If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. I’m not saying go steal somebody’s sperm to make a baby. Don’t give up on your goals and aspirations.
Lesson #3: If you don’t have anybody else, you have family. Despite the dysfunctions of your family, they still will always love and support you.
Lesson #4: I need to purchase a water hose just in case I need to give a guy a ho-bath. LOL.
Lesson #5: Data can change. Although 42% of black women never marry, it’s not definite data. We are learning that more men desire a relationship. Boaz is out there just don’t miss the opportunity meeting him.
Sidebar: As I was writing my blog post, my soror Tyler at was writing hers about Being Mary Jane as well. It’s two different perspectives, but it is great. We Sigmas do think alike.



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