Being Starkey

Through Starkey’s Eyes

Another Bonus Shot! I couldn't resist!


I knew I wanted to begin working on Being Starkey and Always PHREA as a brand. I have my list of everything that needs to happen per my list of goals for both of the sites which included new photos. Through Starkey’s eyes, I knew I wanted the photos to capture my passion for the outdoors and writing.

A few months ago, I saw Q, one of my old Winthrop University classmates, at Troy Spry’s Xkulsive Conversations in Charlotte taking photos. Q started his own photography and graphic design business called Prolifik Photography & Design. I saw his photos and knew I had to hire him to take my photos.

Last week for two hours in heat and near a serious down pour of thunder storms and rain, we had my photo shoot. I wanted primarily headshots and images of me as a writer. I love what came out of the photoshoot. Out of more than 30 shots, I have too many favorites. However, I was able to narrow down my choices to my fav five. And they are…..**drum rolls please**

Fav #1

Fav #2

Fav #3

Fav #4

Fav #5


I will share the others on my Facebook page at Crystal Starkes and Instagram at Being Starkey tonight (hopefully)! Stay tuned for the next phase of Being Starkey and Always PHREA’s branding adventure. Thanks Q for capturing my vision!

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