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PHREAdom Leaders: Shantell Igiozee

Greetings all!
IZZYThis week’s PHREAdom Leader profile is focused on Shantelle Igiozee, a May 2013 college graduate of Winthrop University. I chose Igiozee because of her experience during college as a McNair Scholar and role as a reservist in the Army National Guard. I hope you all enjoy!

While many recent college graduates are probably thinking about their next move, Igiozee,23, already knew her next step immediately after she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science – graduate school. She wants to work as a physical therapist.

Originally from Columbia, S.C., she will begin graduate school at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences where she will be obtaining a doctoral degree in physical therapy.

“This university has great facilities, wonderful faculty and is an accelerated program,” Igiozee said. “I will be able to receive my doctorate degree in about two and a half years, which is comparable to the average three or three and a half year physical therapy programs.”

Although physical therapy wasn’t her first career choice, she knew she wanted to do something that related to her love for science.

“Entering college, I wanted to study pharmacy, which derived from my love for science. I was not truly passionate about the field,” she said. “When I discovered the field of physical therapy, I quickly fell in love and this field became my new direction.”

She believes in the power of exercise and educates her peers and family about it.

“I am firm believer of exercise as a prescription over medication depending on the situation. I educate my peers and family on the medicinal effects of exercise, which has no side effects like medication,” she said.

Education is Key

The importance of education is a strong belief of her parents. Igiozee’s family serves a great support system in her life.

Igiozee served as a McNair Scholar where she conducted summer research, travel to research conferences, presented at conferences, and many more activities.

“This program prepared me for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities,” she said. “I conducted two years of summer research which provided me with skills including data management, statistical analysis, formulating a manuscript, oral presentation, and designing methodology that will be used in my professional career.”

Igiozee’s research as a McNair Scholar focused on food desserts and the effect of food retailer placement in disadvantage communities. She has traveled to SEACSM and SAEOPP McNair Conferences in Atlanta, G.A., Jacksonville, Fla. And Greenville, S.C. to present her research and allow her to network with people across different disciplines. She was able to learn different methods of how she could use her expertise in assisting people through rehabilitation.

Therefore, her future research will focus on the rehabilitation of soldiers and children due to her experience as a reservist.

PHREA to Igiozee

Individuals have their own perceptions and ideas of PHREA. He or she may look at passion, hope, respect, empowerment, and ambition differently depending on where they are in life. For Igiozee, those words overall share a common goal to keep pushing, don’t give up, and stay learning.

Passion – Motivating yourself to achieve highest dream and not stopping until you achieve it because are doing it because you love it.

Hope- Never allowing anyone or anything to deviate you from your dreams because you have confidence in yourself.

Respect- Always having respect for yourself by setting high standards and never allowing anyone to lower them. In addition, one must be respectful to your peers and elders because maturity comes in time, not when you hit a certain age.

Empowerment- Taking your knowledge and experiences to educate and mentor the youth of today. Individual journeys should be shared because it could help others going through a similar situation. Life is stressful enough sometimes. Therefore, being an asset in someone’s life could help them progress or even save a life.

Ambition- Having the determination to become successful without letting any obstacles obstruct your vision.

Thank you Shantelle for joining the PHREAdom Leaders train and allowing me to share a little bit about you! Good luck in graduate school!

❤ Starkey


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