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Tested Purpose

I’ve been writing for some type of publication since the fourth grade. I became deemed “the writer” by the teachers and my fellow classmates. It was actually pretty cool actually. I made that mark. However, I do not believe I truly understood my writing’s value until I became an adult and started back writing again. I wrote articles about events, disasters, but I was most interested in profile pieces.

I remember during my internship at a weekly newspaper, I was an anxious rising senior at Winthrop University with an interest in learning all of the ins and outs of the newspaper. I wanted to watch the layout process and deciphering what was newsworthy and timely news to feature stories. I wrote some interesting pieces including my first assignment which was a profile piece about a volunteer firefighter who grew up in Great Falls and helped during the former J.P. Stevens mill fire in 2006.The man explained that the majority of the people of Great Falls moved to work at the mills between the Great Depression and the New Deal. He was filled with so much wisdom. I was in total awe. I was excited to write my first profile piece for an actually newspaper. I remember submitting the article to the editor, and he pretty much gave my article a period from all the red markings.

I knew the information received was not meant to hurt my feelings, but to provide me with insight that I would be able to use in my future career. Due to the constructive criticism, I am able to write profile pieces that I hope to give the readers a glimpse in the person’s life. It’s why the PHREAdom Leaders installment exists. I definitely didn’t understand it at the time, but I appreciate the exposure, experience, and the red pen. It was definitely a test of my purpose and value of my work.


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