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The Power of LOVE: We are not just our Sisters’ Keepers; We are Sisters 

7 Degrees of Sigma

7 Degrees of Sigma

On Sunday, my prissy poodle sorors of Seven Degrees of Sigma hosted a baby shower for our Torch classmate Jessica. It was all for little Jackson, who will make his debut in a few weeks. It was truly the power of love that made this baby shower everything it was and ever could be. I have nephews, nieces, and god kids, but Jackson will be the first baby of our Fall 2005 class. I don’t really mean to toot our own horn, but we are a really close group of ladies. We are not just our SISTERS’ KEEPERS; WE ARE SISTERS! I honestly couldn’t ask for a better group of ladies to call my Torch classmates or TCMs. We are Seven Degrees of Sigma. The description describes us to the T. We have different personalities. My Torch classmate April wrote a poem about Seven Degrees of Sigma that I actually see frequently shared on other chapters and sorority sisters’ pages. This is the poem she wrote:


Way back in 2005 before our neopresentation


I am serene.
But a true revolutionary
My face shows exultance and power.
Intelligence is my forte.
My strength is in the alluvian
While my beauty vogues above others.
I transcend above others
I am a degree that can be compared to none other I am Sigma
We cried together, laughed together, and supported each other in various times. I am thankful for each and every one of these ladies. When my mom passed, all six of the Torch classmates were there to support me during my time of need. I knew I had family and friends supporting me, but it really made my day to have them there as well. I feel like overall we come together for each other often for different occasions because of the love that we share for each other as sisters. This time, the occasion was the preparation of Jackson. I pray Jessica has an awesome delivery (when Jackson decides he’s ready to come) and Jackson comes into the world healthy and immediately knows that he is loved by so many people.
❤ Starkey

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