Always PHREA logo and it’s meaning

Greetings my PHREAdom Followers! It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. I know, I know I must do better. I will. I’m working on balancing everything right now between grad school, work, and life. However, it hasn’t been all work though. I’ve been playing hard and enjoying every bit of it. One thing that always brings peace to my busy life is thinking about PHREA and where I want to take it. Yesterday, I designed a logo for Always PHREA, which I am debating about naming my online magazine that instead of PHREA all by itself. This logo represents everything that I want it to…it should capture the want for you to discover those endless possibilities just as I have.

Yesterday, I posted the logo on Facebook and everyone was trying to figure out the key points to it. Therefore, I decided to share it on my blog. The design captures four different aspects to my life. They are the following: 1) bees represent my mom, Anna B., 2) the four bees at the top represents my four siblings, 3) the five bees between each letter of PHREA represents my journey in Sigma Gamma Rho, and 4) yellow is my favorite color!
I’ll be writing more frequently again so please be on the lookout. There are more great things to come for Always PHREA.

❤ Starkey

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