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Letting it Go

How many times have you tried to let something go? It could’ve been emotionally, physically, or even mentally. We’ve all played witness to this process. We spend time trying to find ways to let issues and problems go, instead of simply just letting it go. I know I’m a firm believer of this battle. The idea of just letting go is extremely difficult for me because I’m a thinker. I have to process everything that I do especially any major decisions.

For instance, right now I’m in the process of finding my own place. Yes, at 27-years-old I’ve never lived by myself. I grew up in a family of five. I’m used to someone being around me so this idea of moving on my own is a little scary. It has nothing to do with the bills, amenities, or distance. I’m just a little scared of letting go of my comfort zone. However, I know for 1- I can’t let me being “scared” stop me and 2- I know God’s got it. So needless to say, I’ve put on my grown woman pants and made some moves today. I’m letting it go and opening the doors to a new opportunity.

When I think of letting go, I’m reminded of a poem I read by Jennifer Eckert Bernau called “She Let It Go.” “She Let It Go” is a profound poem about a woman who let something go, but she didn’t rely on anything to help her “letting go” process. She just let it go. Sometimes it’s really just that simple to just dust it off and move on. Bernau’s words moved me so much that I had to share it with you. I hope “She Let It Go” moves you like it did for me.

❤ Starkey

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